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We are a trilingual center, all subjects are given in English, and we also pay close attention to the Arabic and Spanish languages. This is a fundamental point in your child’s preparation, as knowing more than one language opens many doors for him and has many more advantages in the world.

We have 15 children in each room as far as they can get by salon are 20 children which is a point in their favor, because the attention your child will be personalized.

Teacher staff determine the need for additional help in the acquisition of the English language, and language support is provided accordingly. We offer the program called ESL, which is in particular for these cases in which English is adjusted to the needs of each student, with a balanced emphasis on the understanding of the language and the production demanded by their classes.

Of course you can contact us, our Admissions Officer, Ms. Marwa Issa, is always on the order to respond to each of your needs. Our phone number is 474-0712 or you can send an email to missa@aiap.edu.pa

Decisions at school are made by the disciplinary council.

We have an efficient school bus system that serves an area around Margarita, including the city of Colón. The service includes pick-up at the front door whenever possible. Our bus coordinator can provide you with approximate pick-up and drop-off times.

To check our tuition fees contact our admissions officer Ms. Marwa Issa at 474-0712.

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