Academic Year 2019-2020

Class name Teacher Assignments
Astronomy Samantha Turlington 5
Astronomy Brandon Yang 8
Geography Tom Goodman 20
Physics (Period 1) Oliver Sherwood 12
AP Chemistry (Period 3) Amanda Elliott 25
Algebra 2 (Period 4) Sangeeta Tomar 11
Algebra 1 Sangeeta Tomar 20

From 2 teachers, 10 students and starting at the 4th Street Plateau in Colón at the time of its foundation, the High School has grown to more than 40 teachers, 300 students and more than 20 undergraduate programs in 8 academic departments.

One of the most important things we can do for students is not only teaching them specific knowledge and skills, but helping them tailor their interests to their career path.

We can do for students is not only teaching them specific knowledge and skills, but helping them to tailor their interests to their career path

Important Dates

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  • Las Vegas, NV 82601, US
National Parent Involvement Day

Our School celebrating National Parent Involvement Day on December 3.

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Our services

Own School Dining Service

Our goal is for our children to be healthy, so we provide healthy cafeteria service, and we do not allow our children to consume sodas.

Department of Psychopedagogical:

Together with teachers, it is the main instrument for educational guidance and intervention.

Main family priorities that are part of AIAP

Customs and beliefs

School customs and beliefs should be shared with those of the family, as well as the values that are intended to be instilled from childhood. It is essential that there is some balance in the messages that children receive both at home and at school, since otherwise confusion is generated at an age where there is still no maturity to discern differences.


The degree of involvement they are looking for as parents is an important factor to consider. Maybe you’re looking for a school where parents can actively participate in their children’s learning, that is, to include parents in school activities because if that’s the case you’re at the right school.


You should also consider what your academic expectations are. For example, that you learn math very well or learn to read perfectly and quickly. Maybe the academic level isn’t that important to you and you prefer it to have a lot of friends and a different emotional education.