Is a very beneficial sport for children that contributes to develop ingesting resistance and elasticity, allowing goals to be set and persevering in achieving them.


Encouraging sport in the little ones is one of the best ways to create a discipline for as long as they have reason. As they become more and more engaged, achievements come along.


Known to all, baseball is a great alternative for your child to get started in sports. It combines individual motor skills with collective planning, without significant risks to the child’s health.

What benefits can come from sport?

Sport in children in addition to being a right helps them develop physically and mentally, to be healthy, and to relate in a healthy way with other children.

Sport is not only good for the physical health of the child, it is also good for your mental health; it will help them have more self-confidence, to relate better to others, and even to overcome some illness.

Many parents would like their children to play sports to develop their skills and become champions on something. It is important to recognize that each child can be very skilled or successful in one sport or another.

But in order to know which sport the child likes or in which it is more skillful, parents have to recognize that it takes time, it will be possible for the child to play different sports to see which one likes him the most, which one he feels happiest and which one he is more skilled for.

It is a fact that, when children learn positive lessons through sport, there is no doubt that they will be honest, reliable adults who will be willing to help others at the time others need it.

Stimulates self-confidence

Increases analytical capacity

Encourage social relationships

Stimulates concentration

Sport as a value transmitter


Listen if you want to be heard. Find the best way for the equipment to work; not your way.


It means being accessible, not valuing yourself for what you have or represent, but for what you are as a person. Just be yourself.


It is to have the ability to make the right decisions in the shortest possible time and think for yourself. When the coach is not afraid of failure and learns from it, the initiative becomes a habit.


Understood “justice” as seeking the common good and harmony among all the members of the team.

Activities by which we distinguish ourselves


It is an activity that we carry out year after year which aims to boost the sport in a competitive and fun way.

Initial Education Olympics XI

It is done every year and neighboring schools are invited in order to motivate our children to play sports early on.

Boot Camp Challenge 2018-2019

This was the first edition of this activity in which our young people enjoyed a lot and had a day of great sport.