We are currently accepting applications for Grades 1 through 6 for the 2019—20 academic year.

Our Services

Robotics Team

The first desire of children and students who come to educational Robotics is to design and build robots. We have multiple tools that allow us to obtain incredible results in record time.

Inclusion of chess

Chess develops cognitive skills like logical-mathematical reasoning, the capacity for analysis and mental calculation.

Cabinet psychopedagogy


Kinds of Arabic, English and Spanish

Arabic, English and Spanish

Academic Standing

The Arab Panamanian International Academy is at the forefront of the educational process of tomorrow’s leaders.

In the Elementary Section we have a first line infrastructure with high technology equipment, a library with more than 15,000 reference titles, computer lab, gastronomy room, music classes, the leading edge science laboratory in Panama, the program Neuronet, air conditioning in each of the spaces and a staff of passionate teachers about education.

In this school our children find joy, enthusiasm and a space to build the knowledge that will lead to their development as caring and well prepared human beings.

Classes Hours/week
English 8
Math 6
Science 5
Spanish 5
Arabic 4
Robotics 3
Religion 2
Physical Education 2
Religion 2
Music  2
Arts  2
 PAI  1
Counseling  1