Middle & High school

Our offer academic

differs by

Equipment of last technology

Excellent infrastructure

Highly trained teachers

We have the best equipment in the education sector

Additional we are at the forefront with Advanced Placement(AP) classes. This program is run by the College Board, which is the same organization that administers the SAT. These courses have a university level. The goal is to subject students to the rigorous standards they will face in college.

is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that accredits primary and secondary schools throughout the United States and internationally.

Using Carolina products we seek to improve the learning and teaching of science for all our children. Research-based structures that involve students in hands-on learning.

Beyond the principles of science and engineering, the different VEX Robotics Robot Project encourages teamwork, leadership and problem solving among our students.

This program provides access to digital content reviewed by librarians and teachers. It helps students, librarians, and educators find, share, and use print and digital resources.

Academic Standing

The secondary section is one of the strongest pillars of our academy because it develops skills, offers the necessary tools and prepares not only for university life but also prepares students for the constant changes that we are undergoing today.
We are committed to deliver to society individuals with all the skills and competences so that they can access university life without problems and that can develop as productive individuals to society.
Training is not merely academic, as we strive for our graduates to have an enviable profile, to be recognized in society for the development of an ethical and moral conscience, taking values ​​as the letter of introduction. The integral and holistic development of our students is our added value.

Our graduates receive a bachelors degree in science and the opportunity to hold an international degree as we are accredited and constantly supervised by the AdvancED educational franchise, based in the United States.

Classes Hours/week Grade 
Arab 3  7-12
Religion 2  7-12
Spanish  5  7-12
Mathematics 5  7-12
History 5  7-12
Geography 5  7-12
English  6-8  7-12
 Technology  2  7-12
 Physical education  2  7-11
biology 5  10-12
Chemistry  5 10-12
Physics 5  10-12
Philosophy  5  12
Classes Hours/week Grade
Economy  2 12
Orientation  1  9,12
 Fine arts  2  11
Logic  4  11
 Ethics  5  10
Accounting  4  9
Natural Sciences  5 7-9 
Technical drawing  2  7-9
 Music  2  7-9
Civic  5  7-9
Commerce 4  7-8

We have 4 innovative laboratories

The implementation of the biology, chemistry and physics laboratories and the latest equipment of the robotics laboratory launches us as the best school in the Atlantic area.
We wish to emphasize that in recent years, since we are in the process of international accreditation, our graduates are among the best students with the best entrance scores and grades in the universities in which they have decided to study.

Ethical knowledge

Social Service

Aprendes a administrar tu tiempo gracias a que el servicio se realiza con muy pocas horas al día  y en horas extra escolares, las cuales muchas veces ocupas para hacer tareas. Por lo tanto, esta también es la primera prueba de trabajo bajo presión, que en tu vida laboral enfrentarás con frecuencia.

Ethical knowledge

Cultural knowledge

Sin duda, se recomienda que ellos sean los protagonistas en el arte, que ellos desarrollen sus propias habilidades para que después puedan ser grandes espectadores o –quizá– grandes artistas. En cualquiera de los casos,  a continuación te presentamos ocho beneficios que brinda el mundo del arte a los adolescentes.

Young scientists of the program of SENACYT

 Young Panamanian students belonging to the national education system who are studying between eighth and twelfth grade, who wish to carry out scientific research.

League football Interna 2018-2019

Controlled, without unnecessary excesses and proper preparation, this sport can bring great benefits: Increases the muscle power of the legs, improves cardiovascular capacity, stimulates the speed of reaction.

Internal Robotics contests

Robotics fosters the imagination of hypothetical futures, reasoning, logic, among other factors, which helps to address problem solving and how we deal with them. With each new advance, the student’s self-esteem is improved and it is he who prepares himself, thanks to demonstrating his own skills, to overcome frustration.