Academic Calendar


1st, Labor Day
2th, SAT
05 - 13th, AP Exams
11th -22nd, Transition from kindergarten to first
15th, International Day of the Family
17th, Counter Day
19th, Lailat Al Kadr
20 -22nd, Exhibition Plastic Arts - Music
23th, Eid Al Fitr
25-29th Graduating exams
01- 05th, Graduate-based retraining
03th, RRHH Professional Day
5th, World Environmental Day
6th, SAT
08- 12nd, Final, primary and secondary exams
12nd, End third quarter
18th, Degree Ceremonies
22nd, Psychologist's Day
25th, Delivery of final newsletters
25th, Delivery of final newsletters
01st, Start of leave of teaching staff
15-31st, Pedagogical work
26th, Grandparents Day
01-09, Pedagogical work - Planning
11st, Eid Al Adha
12nd, International Youth Day
12-16th, Environment Preparedness
19th, World Plastic Artist Day
19th, Home of Secondary Classes
20th, Home of Primary classes
21st, Start of Preschool classes
23rd, Regional Scientific Fair (headquarters AIAP)
24th, 36th Anniversary of the School
28th, Regional Spelling Competition(headquarters AIAP)
1st, Muslim New Year
2rd, Starting clubs
11st, Parent Academy
16th, International Day of the preservation of the ozone layer
18th, Institutional evaluation
18th, Regional Meduca Spelling Bee Competition(headquarters AIAP)
18- 20th, Health Day
21st, International Day of Peace
02nd, Cutting notes
07-18, MAP test fall 2019
9th, Day of the Messenger
9th, PSAT
12th, Hispanic Day
15th, National Day of the Fonoaudiologia
16th, Parent Academy
17th, International Day to eradicate poverty
22- 24th, EDU AIAP 2019
24th, United Nations Day
25th, Student Day - Sporting Day
28 - 30th, English Day
2nd, Day of the deceased
3rd, Separation of Panama from Colombia
4th, Flag Day
5th, Independence - Province of Colón
08th, Cultural Act Independence Lebanon and Panama
09th, Memorial Birth of the Prophet Mawlid
10th, First cry of independence of the Villa de los Santos
20th, Universal Day of the child
20th, Universal Day of the child
18- 22nd, Primary and secondary quarterly exams
22nd, End of third quarter
28th, Independence of Panama from Spain
22nd, Day of the music - independence of Lebanon
25th, Start of the second quarter
1st, Teacher's Day
3rd, International Day of people with disabilities
8, Mother's Day
10th, Human rights day
17th, Mid-year recess start
10th, Human Rights Day
16th, Start recess mid-year
09- 11st, Math Day
13th, Acto cultural Día de la Madre (entrega de Boletín I trimestre)
18th, World Arab Language Day
20th, Anniversary of the invasion of the United States to Panama
1st, New Year
9th, Day of the Martyrs
02nd, Teaching income- pedagogical work
06th, Student Income
23th, Parent Academy
27- 30th, Science Day
04- 06th, Trade Fair
07th, Cutting notes
09th, Family Day
19th, Parent Academy
18- 20th, Arab Day
24- 26th, Carnivals 2020
27th, Foundation of the Province of Colón
07th, X Story Veil 2020
08th, International Women's Day
09- 13th, Primary and secondary quarterly exams
11th, Parent Academy
13th, End of second quarter
22nd, Water Day
21st, International Day of racial discrimination
16- 20th, Recess between quarters
23rd, Third Quarter Start
06- 17th MAP Test spring 2020
09- 11th, Holy days
10th, Arpía Eagle Day
15th, Parent academy
13- 17th, NAEYC Child Week
17th, XII Initial Education Olympics
20- 22nd, Spanish Day
22nd, Earth Day
23rd, Spanish Language Day and World Book Day
23rd, Ramadan start
26th, Secretary day
28th, Chief's Day
29th, Newsletter Delivery, Second Quarter