About our School


School is where you get an education and learn lots of information about life, society and the world. You also get to learn new skills and have fun. School is not only the school buildings, it’s also the kids and teachers, and all the things you do there.

School is where most of you spend a lot of your time, from about 3 to 18 years of age. You may have been to a preschool or kindergarten before starting in a Primary school.

You may stay at school until you are 18 if you want to go on to University. School plays an important part in your life. Some people don’t get a chance to go to school.

Welcome to AIAP School 

Students have been receiving high quality educational programming at our school for over 30 years. We have a highlight diverse population of learners from across the world, and all over our great province.

Creating a Respectful and Peaceful School

Our students are very respectful. This leads to a peaceful school climate. As well, our school conveys a sense of warmth, generosity and enthusiasm as children, parents and staff are eager to smile and make all those who enter our school feel welcome.

Student Academic Success/Pride

We are committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment for our students. We take pride in working hard to motivate each student to do his or her best. Our Staff is also dedicated to doing their best.

Our School Community Council

Our School Community Council and “Friends of AIAP” are very involved in what happens at AIAP School. Our parents are engaged in curricular matters. They help develop our school planning document which directs our learning priorities and improves student learning.

Community Engagement/Forging Strong Bonds

We believe in strong communication between the home and the school. Classroom newsletters, phone calls, school visits and meeting and greeting parents within our building are ways that teachers communicate with families.

Early Childhood Education

We promote a solid foundation to early learning through our Initial Education programming. We have proudly implemented the CDA Certification Approach which encompasses a natural aspect of children at play and environmental learning.