About our School




We seek to generate a relationship of trust with the parents, to make them aware of the activities their children carry out every day.  



With the use of interactive devices, we ensure full participation and create an environment where students can share information, work together on group projects, and interact with their teachers. 



Growing and learning in a multicultural environment gives children a greater understanding of others beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. The coexistence of different cultures creates a higher level of interpersonal and social skills in our students. This is significantly beneficial for children leaving school, and entering higher education and the workplace. 


We are committed on delivering the best education possible, to give the tools our students need, creating the skills necessary to access university, in order to become successful professional.

Training is not merely academic, we strive for our graduates to be recognized in society for the development of an ethical and moral conscience, taking values ​​as their letter of introduction. The integral and holistic development of our students is our added value.


Become the leading school in building up intercultural humans committed to the preservation of the universe through comprehensive education, humanistic, science & technology founded on, and for, a culture of peace.


Cultivate, develop, and motivate the ongoing pursuit of faith and knowledge together with creativity, reflective thinking, and social harmony serving as a platform for holistic development.

  • The school was founded in 1983
  • Students with excellent academic programs
  • Stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment
  • A private yet affordable elementary school
  • Students experience success every day