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Since its inception, the Panamanian Arab International Academy has been the value of Islamic culture in Panama, maintaining a multicultural idiosyncrasies where respect prevails and ethical values are part of the daily life.
In our classrooms, recognition of the individual as the center of education is our main pillar. Our students share with 14 different nationalities, with their customs and in an environment where 8 different religions coexist.
Our graduates have left their formation, in international universities as well as nationals; It always stands out for its technological, scientific, cultural knowledge and the ability to communicate in 3 languages, namely English, Arabic and Spanish.

Mrs. Berta Mariñas de Garcia, Principal

We believe in leadership as a form of personal growth and know that it is only cultivated by doing activities that challenge their interests; That allow them to have healthy competition while working as a team, in order to stimulate their decision-making, their self-esteem, their confidence and above all the service as a model of social development.
Surely, being part of the AIAP, will allow you to be calm, that your children are in the better hands, forming a successful future in our classrooms.
Be welcome!

Strengthening Relationships

We aim to strengthen relationships between School alumnae, students, and soon-to-be alumnae while maximizing potential in both personal and professional lives.

The balance Secondary School maintains between honoring the past and remaining committed to the future is one of its most compelling attributes. We hope you’ll stay in touch, join our network, and bolster our community by supporting Secondary School students today.

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Our School is an independent day school set in beautiful grounds at
Sommerson Bay, some three miles south of the City of California.
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