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We are currently accepting applications for Grades nursery through kinder for

the 2018—19 academic year.

Academic Standing

Our preschool At AIAP, it is innovative and dynamic: it offers quality educational services for your children from the age of two. We stimulate the integral and spiritual development of their children using the Creative Curriculum for preschool education, which promotes exploration and discovery as a method of learning and allows children to acquire autonomy, self-confidence, creativity and skills for critical reasoning. Moreover, the curriculum also provides daily opportunities to individualize instruction by helping teachers meet the needs of all students, with a special emphasis on the development of English, all within a safe and cheerful environment that favors adaptation to the environment school.
Students are also exposed to Arabic classes to introduce them in the language or to extend their Arabic skills as needed.

Classes Ages
Nursery  2
Pk-1  3
Pk-2  4
Kinder  5

Throughout the school year we carry out different activities, such as:

Open House: where we invite our entire educational community to meet the teachers and classrooms of their children for the school year that begins.

Project «Cuéntame un Cuento»: This program is managed by Teacher Aracelis, campus librarian, which consists of inviting a member of each family at a set time to read a story in the language of their Spanish choice.
English or Arabic, to the other partners of your child.

Evening: where children participate voluntarily by dramatizing, singing and dancing a movie, a story, etc. Demonstrating his artistic abilities, and at the same time he is offered the possibility of having fun and communicating with his companions, in addition to developing his sociability and autonomy. It also helps you overcome your shyness, doubts and fears.

Naeyc: It was established in 1971 by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) to bring public attention to the needs of the youngest and their families. Every year there is a different theme, where different types of art, gastronomy, music and family activities are organized. Intercollegial Olympics of Preschool: where what we want to achieve with this activity is: to promote the pleasure of physical activity from an early age, to practice Tolerance and good attitudes towards healthy competition, encourage respect in participants, create bonds of friendship with other cultures and schools.

Transition from kindergarten to first grade: where the objective is for the children to know the experience that is lived at that level, from entering at 6:45 am, participating in the general assembly and performing different activities in the different subjects in English, Arabic and Spanish with the teachers in charge of each subject.

AIAP offers a comprehensive education program that includes therapists in different areas such as psychology, speech therapy, occupational therapy and early childhood intervention.

Our school is blessed with a large outdoor space where our students experience a real connection with nature and so that our students develop a sense of place to appreciate the world around them. Active and practical experiences provide relevance and help students to establish connections between the classroom and the wider environment.

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